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The “California Minis” dessert reigns as one of the “hottest” food trends. At Dessert Solutions we are dedicated to providing unique and traditional flavor combinations in our signature freeze-thaw miniature desserts. Our mini desserts are made with the highest quality ingredients available. We start with our best recipes in a smaller version of the classic full size desserts. They are perfect for hotels, catering and restaurants.
Headquartered in Laguna Niguel California, Dessert Solutions has formed strategic alliances with large resellers, to chain restaurant's food service operators, rapidly bringing products from conception to production in both branded and private label sectors.We supply the whole package; dessert products, marketing concepts and packaging solutions, to a wide array of US restaurant chains and foodservice companies.
Dessert Solutions is becoming one of the leading R&D houses by combining advanced understanding of foodservice operations, ethical business approaches, and skillful creative culinary expertise.  Our Corporate Mission Statement provides a guiding framework for management, employees and our affiliates to apply our vision and policies across all operations and activities to protect the company’s high reputation and integrity.



Nationally, dining trends of smaller portion desserts have demonstrated to be a profitable menu selection that gratifies patron and restaurant. Mini-desserts are an extension of that trend as national restaurants are offering smaller portioned desserts to their menus.

Health conscious Baby Boomers who are watching their waistlines prefer the mini-desserts because they can satisfy their sweet tooth, without indulging in a huge portion of fudgy chocolate.

Independent restaurant owners are starting to cash in on the mini-dessert trend led by many of the large restaurant chains. Dessert Solutions, Inc has introduced a flight of desserts served in cups and shot glasses called “The Minis.”

This brings up an important point for restaurant owners.  If offering dessert bites can increase the number of people who order desserts, owners will be able to see an increase in overall receipts. Oftentimes patrons will order one dessert per table with four spoons. But if one of these patrons were to purchase a mini-dessert, then other patrons at the table would be more likely to do so as well.  Even if this increases the bill marginally, say by a few dollars, multiply that by every table and all of a sudden, that’s a big increase in profit.

Can’t hurt to try! After all, it’s not a big investment.



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